Claim Land

A Friendly Survival Multi-Player Server

The Below Video will Explain how to Protect your Land

Full video credit goes to BigScaryGames, and the original video can be viewed at:

Important Commands and Information:

GriefProtection Plugin:

LWC Plugin:

Each player will begin with a total of 400 FREE Claim Blocks.

This will then increase by a total of 50 Blocks per-hour that you play.

Being AFK or Idling does not work!

(Note: The Maximum Claim Blocks permitted are currently set at 2000)



In Addition to this, you may also Purchase Claim Blocks using:

/BuyClaimBlocks (Amount)


Blocks are currently priced at $200 each (In-game money).



The Stick, as shown in the Video, is used to identify your Claim. Right-Clicking inside of your LandClaim will display the Border-Blocks, showing you the Protected area that you may Build inside of.



The Golden Shovel has been REPLACED for a Wooden Shovel.



To Make your First Claim, Place a chest in the centre of your desired land.

HINT: You can remove the Chest Immediately and your land protection will remain!



If you wish to move your initial Land Claim, use the Command:


whilst standing in the Claimed area.

You will then be able to place a new Chest and a new area of Land will be Protected!


Despite being stated in the video, protections will actually go 100 blocks below the ground, as opposed to 5 blocks.


To Extend your Land Claim:


Use the Stick to identify your Current Protection.


Take the Wooden Shovel, and Right-click one corner of your current Protection.


Then, right click the block that you wish to extend the protection to.


If done correctly, the marked area will extend.


To Create a Second Land Claim:


Simply take your Wooden Shovel and right click a block. This marks your first selection.

Right click a second block, using the shovel, to complete your selection.


If done correctly you will be notified in-game.





There are a few things that GriefPrevention does not cover as Effectively as LWC.


It is also useful in the event that you would like to create Private Chests, Furnaces etc, outside of your protected land.


/cprivate - Create a private protection


Typing this command in-game will allow you to make a number of different items private and locked to you.


done correctly, it will prompt you to Left-Click the item that you wish to make Private.


Possible Items include; Doors, Furnaces, Crafting Tables, Trapdoors and more.



/cprivate (Username 1) (Username 2) - Create a Joint protection


Typing this command in-game will allow you to make your Protection accessible to several players.


When first setting up your protection, be sure to add all usernames.




/cremove - Removes protection from a block


Typing this command in-game will allow you to Remove the Protection on your item.


Again, it will prompt you to Left-Click the item that you wish to remove the lock from.







Please let us know if you encounter A bug or Glitch

in-game. Abusing such Glitches can and will result in punishment.




Keep checking the website for regular (hopefully) updates regarding all things FreshBlock! We look forward to seeing you on the Server!